Is the voice more than the ideas?


The power of words is in the voice, the way of transmitting ideas and expressing emotions. And the tone of voice is one of the most influential elements of communication.
Voice-over and dubbing actress with an extensive career doing voice-overs for corporate videos and narrator for television programmes, reports, documentaries, films, fiction series, video games, children’s stories and narrations and cartoons.

Corporate videos 

Voice Over Vídeo EPS Sure · Castellà

Voice Over Vídeo Institucional · Català

Voice Over Vídeo Pedagògic · Català

TV Shows

Voice Over TV Internet Primavera Sound · Castellà

Voice Over Programa TV · Català

Voice Over TV Agenda · Català

Voice Over TV Show Narrator · Català

Voice Over TV Intro amb ulls de nen · Català

Voice Over Promo Primavera Sound · Castellà

Voice Over TV Ritmes · Català

Voice Over Nominations TV · Català

Voice Over Narradora TV Serie Infantil · Català

Quan arribin els marcians · Català


Voice Over Documental “Alfred” · Castellà

Voice Over TV Nature Documentary · Català

Voice Over TV Nature Documentary 2 · Català


Doblaje CSI Miami · Castellà

Doblatge · Català