Spanish · Catalan · French · English with spanish accent

Voice certified by the Catalan Broadcasting Corporation (CCMA) and the RTVE Institute.


Postgraduate course on Voice Applied to Advertising UAB
Voice-over, performance, diction and voice – RTVE Institute
Performance and voice – Barcelona Drama School
Dubbing at the Escola Eòlia de Bcn and Aula 51 in Madrid.

Professional voice actress adapted to the different areas of voice-over and dubbing. I am skilled in the different performance techniques for texts and characters, with multiple registers. I work with all kinds of recordings at the dubbing studios together with audio-visual producers and agencies and provide services as an online freelance voice-over actress from my studio.

Brands and products for radio, television and internet advertising. Specialist in corporate voice-over, narration, dubbing of television documentaries and programmes. Vast experience of voice-overs for all kinds of projects: apps, websites, videos, e-learning, audiobooks, video games, cartoons, dramatizations, voice assistants, automated message systems

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