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A powerful connection with the microphone, an intense relationship with the camera and a lot of experience on stage in theatres, on sets and in auditoriums. A journey among drops and dressing rooms to learn the art of telling stories and creating characters through the ritual of the body, thought, space, voice and playing with the senses and imagination. The appearance of inquisitiveness that curiously explores through the search for the meaning of language.



The art of the word depends entirely on our emotional capabilities


With charisma, conviction and stage presence I connect with all kinds of audiences. I am skilled in the art of the word, space and rhythm thanks to a global vision of the profession. With my perception and listening activated, I host all kinds of events smoothly and effortlessly: corporate, institutional and commemorative acts. Television galas, award ceremonies and film and music festivals. Literary presentations, and of cultural projects and products.

Experienced events host                            



One of the activities that most awakens my interest is discovering and getting to know the many forms of artistic expressions among people. Over the years, on the radio and television, and in the press, I have had conversations with artists and culture and current affairs protagonists that have helped me get more involved in one of the most fascinating genres: interviews.


My conversations for Esguard magazine