“The inner voice that pushes to share experience”


With the desire to contribute to the education of young people, adults and professionals from all sectors, I dedicate part of my time to teaching workshops and courses to grow and improve personally and professionally.


Develop the power of communication


1. Improve the ability to relate to others.

2. Perfect your speaking skills.

3. Use the spoken word effectively.

4. Learn to manage your body language.


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Personalised support?

Find out about the group workshop and private session options, both in person and online.


“Where attention is paid there is energy, and where there is energy, life grows.
Along the way, questions and solutions arise.”
Check the blog for information on upcoming courses and workshops

Check the blog to find out about the next courses and workshops

Public speaking
Reading out loud


Learn to speak in public.

Make the most of your voice and non-verbal language to reinforce your speech and communicate with conviction and confidence. Create an impact and capture the audience’s attention. Transmit the essence of the emotions and the significance of the texts, with conviction and your own style.

Group and private classes.



Learn to improvise.

Improvisation is the art of spontaneity, the central concept of an actor’s training and a magnificent tool for personal growth. Improvisation encourages you to be spontaneous and pay attention to your impulses. An ideal space for the development of artistic expression.

Workshops and specialised courses for small groups.

In person and online


Perfect your skills.

If you are a voice-over artist, presenter, actor or actress or professional from any sector and are interested in doing effective work on reinforcing communication, voice-over and public speaking, we hold tailored on-site or distance learning sessions. Check dates, times and rates.

Do you want to be part of an improvisation group? Are you interested in holding a communication workshop at your centre?